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Sadat Hajj & Umrah are leading providers of group arranged fully inclusive Hajj packages aswell as group and trailor made Umrah tours to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With over 20 years’ experience catering for Hujaj, we develop a special relationship with our passengers, ensuring each individual enjoys an experience they feel spiritually reinvigorated by. Our aim is to remove the stress of travelling for pilgrimage and provide you with a comfortable, convenient and affordable trip to the Holy lands.

We are fully Ministry of Hajj and Umrah approved, holding our own visas for Hajj, so you can book knowing that you are not dealing with any middle men, our packages are ATOL registered and protected by IATA, allowing mutamir peace of mind and confidence.

Our Umrah tours travel throughout the year on almost a monthly basis, so whether you wish to take the kids during holiday seasons, or are looking for cheaper options throughout off-peak periods, we have something to suit your requirements. All our tours are guided throughout by our esteemed scholars, Pir Syed Munawar Hussain Bukhari Sahib and Pir Syed Sajjad Hussain Bukhari Sahib, so travel knowing that your trip will be performed under the guidance of renowned public figures with a vast knowledge of Quran and Hadith.Your dates don’t match with any of our groups? No problem, we also offer bespoke tailor made packages; you tell us your requirements and we will arrange a package specifically catering to your needs.

Thank you for visiting our page, please look through our website and read through our reviews below to gauge what people think of us, we are sure you won’t be disappointed, and when you are ready to book, give us a call!

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by Muneeba Khalil on sadat hajj and umrah travel
Umrah January 2018

It was my first time performing Umrah and Masha'Allah the service provided by Sadaat travel was exceptional! The ziyarats were very insightful and well described. I would definitely recommend booking with them.

by Zafar hussain on sadat hajj and umrah travel

What can I say went first time very very happy the way been help every step I would be using SADAT travel again for both hajj and umrah and recommend my friends and family thank you Sadat travel.

by Mohammed Tanveer akhtar on sadat hajj and umrah travel

I went umrah with Sadat travel and I was very impressed with the service they provided, from start to finish they helped us with all queries and guided through all steps in performing umrah, we visited all ziyarats and all details were explained to us. I would highly recommend and would definitely use Sadat again should I wish to do umrah in the future.

by Hafiz M Ibrahim Iqbal on sadat hajj and umrah travel
One of the Best Tour Guides in North West

Mashallah. Where do I start and what can I say. I started the trip with Sayid Sajjad Hussain Shah Bukhari and went to perform Umrah on the 18 November 2017 till the 1st December 2017. From making payment all the way until we landed back into the UK I can say the Sadat group made our journey a really memorable journey. Shah Saab showed and guided us how to perform Umrah and also took us on memorable ziyarts (some of which other agents dont show you) in both Makkah and Madina. We also was travelled in luxorious coaches and were personally guided throughout the different ziyarts. Shah saab clearly took us under their supervision in the airports and made sure each and every member was dealt with and then we all went further. The hotels in both Makkah and Madina were tremendous and we couldnt really ask for more. If you want to travel in full confidence, it can only be done with Sadat Travel. Inshallah looking forward to going on Hajj with shah saab and Saddat Travel. Shah saab showed so much love and affection throught the 2 weeks we were on Umrah. May Allah swt reward them and keep us in their blessed company. Inshallah. Ameen Sum Ameen.

It was a well organised tip, a great experience all round. Would strongly recommend Sadat. They really went out of their way to show us sacred sights I never thought I would get to see.Looking forward to using them again for hajj one day inshallah.

Hajj 2017

It is evident that creating hajj packages is more than just a business for the Sidat group- Their love for Allah and His most beloved Muhammed (pbuh) drives their establishment. The ethos of a family run organisation is clear in their business acumen and they extend this attitude and treatment to all their clients. They establish an environment where your hajj group feels like one extended family- a brotherhood.They not only took care of all significant steps such as visas and excellent hotel bookings, but small gestures such as hiring extra staff to help with day to day queries of the hajjis was much appreciated. I cannot criticise one thing- subhaanAllah. The hajj is a personal journey both spiritually and physically- it is not meant to be easy, but the Sidat family made it as comfortable as they possibly could. The organisation and execution of the entire process was impeccable.We are indebted to the Sidat group for all their efforts and make dua that Allah swt accepts all their good deeds, protects and guides them always. From their actions and speech they truly love our prophet- it is beautiful to witness such love. I strongly recommend Sidat travels to take you through your hajj journey. They will attempt their very best to make this an experience of a lifetime - you won't regret choosing them.

by Mahmood Hussain on sadat hajj and umrah travel
Great experience

It was my first experience travelling to Hajj with my family. I found Sadats are very professional in their work and where with us throughout our journey wherever we went, they were always accessible and helpful for any queries I had. My family also enjoyed travelling with them I would have no hesitation in recommending Sadat to others as they are so good.

by Hassan Shah on sadat hajj and umrah travel
Hajj 2017

Me my father and my wife went to Hajj this year with sadaat travels. As it was our first time ever i was nervous, but Alhamdulillah the sadaat team made our journey of a lifetime very comfortable and enjoyable. From the very first day that we enquired about Hajj we found everyone very helpful. A special thank you to Yasin for whom nothing was too much trouble, always helping and answering all our questions. Our stay in Makkah and Madina was amazing the hotels were very close and the food was excellent. Thank you to Syed Awais Bukhari who was very helpful throughout i would definitely recommend Saadat Travels for all Hajj/umrah needs. . We look forward to travelling with you soon in sha Allah.

Hajj 2017

It is an absolute privilege to write a review for this Hajj & Umrah Travel Agency. Because of them, we had a journey of a lifetime with ease. We could not have asked for a better experience and are so happy we chose this company to go on Hajj with.I'm not usually one to take the time to review, but our Hajj from start to finish with this Travel Agency was so amazing that I had to!They made everything so easy. The service we received from Sadat Hajj & Umrah was second to none. The hotels, the transfers, Ziyarats, food everything was just brilliant. We could not have been more impressed with each of our agent's hotel choices. The hotels he chose were 5 star hotels, and the locations were absolutely perfect which made each of them incredibly special in their own right. Young Shah Saab (Syed Owais Hussain Bukhari Shah Sahib) went above and beyond on numerous occasions for us. Absolute Star! At Madina Paak we had daily mehfil's which comprised of Nasheeds (Naats), religious insights and FAQS sessions. (Very Spiritual). This group is not one of the ones that takes you to the Blessed Lands and disappears? Mashallah our initial Umrah was in a group of approx. 350. Sahibzada Pir Syed Sajjad Hussain Bukhari Shah Sahib single handed helped us perform Umrah along side us each and every step. You can see our group doing Sa'ee on his Facebook page. The whole atmosphere, spirituality and momentum the group were in can be seen. Alhamdulillah the whole Hajj experience from start to finish was with the same drive. On the Day of Arafat their was a special mehfil (again amazing and spiritual) in our camp and the Heartfelt Dua Sahibzada Pir Syed Munawar Hussain Bukhari Shah Sahib did in the late afternoon was just amazing. Very spiritual and emotional. Also Special thanks to Sahibzada Pir Syed Gulzar Hussain Bukhari Shah Sahib, Syed Amar Hussain Bukhari Shah Sahib, and the team of helpers Javaid, Irfan, Azhar, Sabir, Attari Saab and all ones I haven't named.I cannot recommend this group enough. Inshallah I am already planning a family Umrah in the foreseeable future and will 100% use Sadat Hajj & Umrah!

by Mohsin Ihsan Haq on sadat hajj and umrah travel
Journey of a lifetime

سبحان الله ماشاء اللهA journey of a lifetime not to be forgot. By the grace of ALLĀH ﷻ, I completed my hajj with my honourable mother under the supervision of Sadat travel. Especially Pir Syed Munawar Shah sahib. It has been a wonderful journey, well guided and organised. I cannot express how much we enjoyed it spiritually and physically. We thank Shah sahib, Pir Syed Sajjad Shah sahib, Syed Owais Shah sahib, Syed Ammar Shah sahib. Indeed there were some difficulties through the journey, the stay in mina sharif, Arafat, and muzdalifah. But by the mercy of ALLĀH ﷺ and his Messenger ﷺ, we fulfilled the rites of hajj the way they supposed to be and the way how our beloved Messenger ﷺ did.I would recommend others to travel with sadāt travel. As this was not my first time traveling with them, as ALLĀH ﷻ blessed us to go umrah with them also 5 years ago.

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