For Umrah:-

It depends on which package you purchase, if your tickets have been issued, then you’re liable to pay any cancellation charges due to the airlines and hotels, if your visa has been applied for, then you will incur a mandatory visa charge of £85. If you cancel, and your flights and hotels are not issued and your visa has not been applied, we will aim to return your full money back to you.


For Hajj:-

If you cancel before Ramadan, and your flights haven’t been issued, we will return your deposit to you, however if your ticket has been issued, you will incur a cancellation charge dependent on your airline. After Ramadan of the year of travelling, your package becomes non refundable.

We require a deposit of £500 per person on booking any Umrah Package and £2000 per person on booking any Hajj package. The remainder is payable 60 days prior to departure.

No, if you wish to travel by yourself then we can arrange an custom package for you, however it is advisable to go with a group as there will be tour guides to help you with your islamic and convenience needs. However, for Hajj, we insist all people travel with one of our groups as travelling separate can be very stressful for passengers, particularly at Jeddah airport where immigration is notoriously difficult during the days of Hajj.

Yes, if you want to stop over in a different country before or after preforming your umrah that is possible, however it may  incur extra charges on to the cost of your package. You will also need to be careful with the validity of your visa, ensuring you arrive in Saudi Arabia before your visa expires.

Aslong as you have authorized it with your respective bank prior to travelling, you can use your credit/debit card in Saudi Arabia, However, please be advised of any transactional charges the host country, or your bank may add.

If you are in a group then the group leaders/tour guides will help as best as possible. However, if you are traveling on an custom package, then you can ring us on the contact numbers provided to you on your booking confirmation, and we will try to solve the problem for you to the best of our ability.

Yes you can choose any hotel you like (depending on availability), tell us your requirements and we will inquire with the hotels on your behalf, We will then offer you a package based on your requirements.

We can provide you with just the visa, however, we will require your hotel booking confirmation and your confirmed flight itinerary. Contrary to popular misinformation, the Umrah Visa is not free, there are Ministry of Foreign Affair “MOFA” charges applicable to every Umrah Visa application. In the case of Hajj visas, we cannot offer you a hajj visa on it’s own, this is only available with our Hajj packages.

When you make a reservation with us, you will be given an invoice, this will state your flight itinerary, tentative hotel reservation and contents of your package. We will ask you to provide us with your travel documentation, this will include your passport, 2 small photographs, your vaccination certificates, aswell as any other supporting documents we may require upon your individual circumstance. We will then work towards attaining your visa and confirming the other aspects of your package. InshaAllah you will receive your passports with approved visa approximately a week before your travel date.

The amount of money you bring in solely on you as everyone has different expenses and spending habits but we recommend you take £100 worth of riyals from England and exchange the rest of the money you bring in Saudi as you will generally get a better rate for your money over there.

The issuance of Hajj Visas normally starts very late into the Hajj application process, from our end, we start processing passports in Ramadan, but you will not receive your passport back with approved visa until approximately a week before your travel date.