Returning: 1 Dec

Flights: Saudi Airlines DIRECT

Our First group of the 2017/2018 Umrah Season!

DEPARTING: 6 December
Returning: 20 December

Flights: Saudi Airline

Travel just before the holidays and avoid the rush of the winter break!

11Departing: 22/23 Dec
Returing: 5/6 Jan

Take the kids on a once in a life time Journey, set the tone for the rest of their year by taking them for Umrah!

Departing: 14 January
Returing: 28 January

Flights: Saudi Airlines

Book well in advance to save money and ensure you travel direct on Saudi Airlines!

Returning: 27 Feb

Flights: Saudi Airline/ Turkish Airline

One of our cheapest packages for 2017! Weather you’re looking to take the kids during the February half term, or are looking to travel during an off peak period on your own, book now to avoid missing out!

Depart: 6 March
Return: 20 March

Flights: Saudi Airlines

Book super early for Next years Umrah Packages to save money and guarantee your place!

Departing: 28/29 March
Returing: 11/12 April

Flights: Turkish Airlines

The First of our two Renowned Easter packages! Making an affordable Holiday period Umrah package was our main aim when constructing this group, In order to ensure you don’t miss out, contact us immediately to reserve a place!

Departing: 8 April
Returning: 22 April

Flights: Qatar Airways

Our most popular group of the year! Almost fully booked, contact as immediately to reserve your place!

Returning: 14 April

Flights: Etihad Airways

Our 28/29 March Dates are now sold out!! In order to spend time with this very popular group, we have arranged for some seats flying out on the 2nd of April! Only a limited amount of availability on these dates so please contact us immediately to book!

0Depart: 22 May
Return: 4 June

Flights: Turkish Airlines

Travel out roughly 5 days prior to the start of Ramadan, get 2 days of Ramadan in Makkah Muqarammah, then travel to Madinah Munawarah and spend a full week of Ramadan in Madinah!